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Committed to the environment

At Grupo Guzmán, we are very committed to comply with and develop a policy of improvement in our work quality and environmental systems.


Grupo Guzmán

Relocation of offices

We know the time and effort involved in moving an office, so we recommend that you leave it in the hands of our professionals.

Grupo Guzmán




A national and international shipping service within the reach of all budgets.


Grupo Guzmán



Furniture storage and storage rooms

The space you need to store your belongings for as long as you want.



Include a brief description of the move, how many boxes, heavy items, description of the location and several other details so we can fine tune the estimate to your needs.

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Moving company in Barcelona | Grupo Guzmán


Grupo Guzmán We are a moving company in Barcelona which for more than 50 years, designing customized moves solutions for each of our clients. We have the expertise to safely pack, move, store, and unpack for those moving home or workplace across Barcelona or to another part of the country. For overseas moves to or from any worldwide destination, we have the knowledge and expertise to manage your move, including Customs clearance if required.

Our experience for home moving in Barcelona, has made us leaders in our market and allow us to continue developing solutions adapted to your needs.




We were the first to coach a coach as a moving truck.


We were one of the first companies to transport high-tech machinery when photocopying machines and computers were huge.


We make company/office moving at any National and International destination, you can take profit of our services at any city.

Experiencia mudanzas y transportes


After 50 years of professional career, we can say that we are experts in providing effective logistics solutions that meets the needs of all our customers.

Profesionales mudanzas y transportes

Guaranteed Services

We have specialized team’s workers with whom your goods or personal belongs will be in the best hands, taking care of your items from the place of origin to their destination.

Guaranteed Services

The security and protection of your belongings it’s our priority, as well as the effectiveness of our services.

Moving Company Barcelona


We are your best ally as a moving company in Barcelona, for private homes or a company, as our company adapts completely to your needs. We manage all practical arrangements such as packing, transport (including parking suspensions), storage, and full value protection, with the strictest security measures so that they arrive at their new location in perfect condition.

Moving to Spain


mudanzas particulares

Home & Companies

If you are going to move home and need to make a safe and reliable move in Barcelona, in which you have the guarantee that your belongings will be in optimal conditions, we are your company. We plan every move with meticulous attention to detail. Every move from Barcelona, between homes, cities, countries, and continents, is handled by our professionally trained staff, dedicated office teams and uniquely experienced packing and moving crews, working with industry-leading tailored systems and technologies.

mudanzas nacionales


In Grupo Guzmán we put at your service our solutions to make your move from Barcelona to any point in Spain. We have a great team of professionals and the most appropriate technical tools to handle your belongings with maximum protection and transport them where you need.

mudanzas internacionales


For our company there are no borders when it comes to offering our solutions, so we will take care of planning and making your removal in Barcelona anywhere in the world, having absolute control of your items at all times and keeping them in perfect conditions.

Commitment with the enviroment

In Grupo Guzmán, we are very committed to complying with and developing a policy of improvement in our work quality systems and Environment.

We have tried to find the best solutions for our customers in the realization of our services or materials used, always trying to focus on respect for the Environment.

These are the areas in which we have been involved and those that we will continue to develop and increase for RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT:


Since our beginnings (1970), we have always opted for proximity suppliers “km 0”.


CERTIFIED with the ISO 14001, regulator of environmental management systems (EMS).


We minimize the generation of waste by promoting selective collection and reuse, either internally in our facilities or in the collection of waste generated in the client and moving them to the GREEN POINT.


We adopt measures that allow to REDUCE CONSUMPTION of NATURAL RESOURCES, especially of the materials for the fitting of the belongings “THE BOXES”, RECYCLING all the BOXES that we can in our services.


To reduce the consumption of natural resources, we have applied new applications and systems that gradually reduce the consumption of paper with the aim of reaching our paper 0 commitment.

ADAPTATION to the COVID measures

ADAPTATION to COVID measures both in customer intervention and in our facilities.

Our philosophy is to continuously improve all our processes that may have an environmental impact, we will continue working to implement new measures that favour respect for the Environment.


If you need an extra space to leave your objects, we put at your disposal our facilities, where you can store them for a certain time or unlimited time. They will be under the best protection measures through our surveillance service 24 hours a day and you will also have them available 365 days a year.


Private Room Storage

In our facilities we have everything you need so that you can store your furniture safely and calmly, since it will be continuously monitored and under optimal temperature and humidity conditions to preserve its condition and that it does not suffer any damage.


Storage rooms

We adapt completely to your needs, if you have a small number of belongings and you want to store them in our warehouses to free up space in your home, we will give you a very tight and competitive price. And if your space needs increase, we will assign you more square meters to store your packages safely.




To offer you a complete service, we also offer you the best logistics solutions with which your merchandise will be transported under careful protection measures, reaching its destination in perfect condition and in the shortest possible time. Our team selects the best routes to move your packages so that you can dispose of them quickly. Our logistics service is totally flexible and personalized because each client requires specific solutions.

logistica nacional


We transport your belongings within the entire national territory and through the ideal routes so that you can receive them in a short period of time. We use the appropriate security measures and the vehicles that best adapt to each type of commodity.

logistica internacional


We carry out logistics services in any city in the world, acquiring a commitment to our clients, who can be sure that their belongings will cross borders with exceptional security measures, arriving at their new location within the established period and in optimal conditions.

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