International removals in Barcelona

At Grupo Guzman we offer you our international removals service, with which we will move your belongings to any part of the world under the best conditions.

We know that moving home is no easy task, and that is why we offer you our professionals who, along with the best technical resources, will take care of transporting your most prized possessions with the commitment to satisfy all your needs.

We take care of all the details so that you receive the goods on time and without any setback, through a totally personalized service and aimed at achieving success in the transfer of your belongings.

Mudanzas internacionales Barcelona


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A moving service for individuals and companies

Mudanzas nacionales Barcelona

We have extensive experience in removals for both individuals and companies, and we design a customized plan for each client, because each move is different and we want to adapt completely to what you need.

We are a leading company in our sector, we stand out for the professionalism and commitment of our workers and our services, which makes us the best option for your international relocation.

A good organization and planning allows us to ensure that your goods arrive in optimal conditions, taking care of everything from packing, disassembly and classification, to the assembly and installation of electronic equipment and furniture once they are at their destination.

Our international moving service

Managing an international move involves a high level of responsibility and requires a complex logistical plan, in which all the steps to be followed are perfectly coordinated in order to successfully complete the transportation of your goods. In addition, it must be taken into account that the legal requirements are met so that your belongings can travel from one country to another safely.

Our experience in international removals has allowed us to count on the best international collaborators, knowing that wherever you want to take your belongings, we will have the best professionals to protect your belongings at all times.

Our goal is to maintain in each service our commitment to offer the highest quality in all operations, moving your goods with the utmost care, applying all the security measures required for each type of object.

Mudanzas grandes pequeñas

For large and small moves

Each move is different and the plan of action depends, among other factors, on the volume, quantity and type of objects to be transported; we offer advice and solutions adapted for both moves that require the transport of a large amount of goods and for smaller relocations.

By land, sea and air

We have the best solutions to carry out your move by sea, land or air; we adapt your goods to each means of transport, continuously monitoring that all safety standards are met and that the agreed delivery times are respected.

For road transport we offer you our fleet of vehicles, consisting of trucks of different sizes and characteristics depending on the goods you need to move, which have the necessary technical means such as lifts, cranes, pallet trucks and forklifts to handle your packages with the utmost caution.

When we move by sea, we make sure we work with the best operators and use the regulatory containers to ensure the good condition of your goods at all times.

If we carry out your international shipment by plane, you will enjoy your goods in the shortest possible time. Whenever the volume to be transported is not very large and you need to dispose of your goods quickly, we recommend this option.

Mudanzas tierra, mar y aire
Mudanzas paises

Correspondents in different countries

Thanks to our international experience, we have been able to select the best correspondents in different countries, in whom we have complete confidence to intervene in your move and with whom we are committed to offer you an experience that exceeds your expectations. Only with the help of professionals can an international move, with all the complexity that it entails, be carried out efficiently and safely.

Qualified personnel

Thanks to our high level of specialization, we manage to successfully overcome each move and obtain the congratulations of our clients for a job well done.

Handling your most precious objects is a task that involves a great responsibility and that we assume with a great sense of commitment to you, guaranteeing your satisfaction with Grupo Guzman.

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puntualidad mudanzas


We are convinced that our daily effort to meet the established deadlines allows us to obtain the best results and satisfy your needs.

Tell us the date you need to have your goods and our team will plan the whole moving process in an efficient way.

Cargo Insurance

Whenever you are moving internationally, it is important to have insurance to cover possible loss or damage to your goods while they are being transported to their destination. You can choose to cover the entire shipment or a specific part of it.

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Servicio mudanzas económico

Affordable pricing

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to all aspects of our services, which is why we guarantee a competitive price that you will not be able to refuse.

Request a moving estimate

We will prepare an estimate for your move, totally adapted to your needs and with an adjusted price. To do so, we need the following information:

  • Origin and destination of your goods
  • If you need a furniture assembly and disassembly service.
  • If you need us to pack your goods
  • Type of merchandise and quantity (volume, weight, if it is more or less fragile, if you need an elevator).
  • Storage service if you need it
  • Moving date
  • Special services you require